About Katrina


UPDATE – March 2018

Council will keep the Centre OPEN

Let’s keep the Port Augusta Cultural Centre / Yarta Purtli open



Katrina grew up in a small railway village, Stirling North Railways, just outside of Port Augusta South Australia, and always had an interest in art; being self-taught and having sold a number of her artworks to people over the years, she has lived in various regions of Western Australia, creating artwork along the way, before moving to the United Kingdom in 1998.

It was here in the UK that Katrina concentrated on her artistic talents and explorations into photography and fine art through further education at Tamworth College in Staffordshire and University of Derby, gaining Distinctions within her college and university studies; being nominated for a Golden Award of Excellence for her reticulated photographic workBroken Landscape and shortlisted for the prestigious Aesthetica Creative Works Art Award in 2011.

Katrina graduated in the B.A. (Hons) Fine Art in 2005 with a First Degree at University of Derby: having shifted from Photography to Fine Arts in 2004, completing her education on the MA ADAPT at University of Derby in 2007 and has a strong history of exhibition opportunities throughout England in London, Manchester and Birmingham, including her solo exhibition Final Solution in Lichfield, Staffordshire in 2011. Whilst living in the UK Katrina was a member of the No Such Thing Collective, exhibiting at galleries including Madame Lillie’s, London; Blank Space, Manchester; Custard Factory, Birmingham.

Having returned home to Australia in 2011 Katrina has broadened her artistic opportunities to include numerous exhibitions within South Australia, including the group exhibition The Rogues Gallery at Yarta Purtli Gallery, selection for the 2015 Namibian Tulipamwe International Workshop and Exhibition at the Namibian National Art Gallery together with her participation in the innovative research and art project, Margin to Margin in 2016 involving women artists from Australia, Finland and Russia, working together with Aboriginal weavers from across South Australia.


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